Welcome to the VfR Wiesbaden!

We are very happy to inform you about the football club in the center of Wiesbaden, located at the sportpark Rheinhöhe. Even though we cannot provide our website completely in Englisch, we would like to give you an overview of all important topics regarding our football department.

VfR Wiesbaden in short

Founded in 1926, the VfR (Verein für Rasenspiele – Club for Lawn games) was originally a gymnastic club for railwaymen. Over the decades the club went through many changes, experienced ups and downs and now offers 5 sports departments: Football, Tennis, Handball, Table Tennis and traditional Bowling. We unite a large number of nationalities who, thanks to the enthusiasm for sports, come together to form a large unit. Speaking German is not a requirement to join the club. We would be more than happy to have you onboard.

Our motto is „experience community and success“

We stand for modern children’s and youth football. Many of our volunteer trainers are licensed by the DFB. Our goal is to provide the best concepts and exercises for children, juveniles and adults to promote them athletically. With advance.football we have a partner who supports us with a professional training concept and with our self-hosted online training website we have the right tool for our coaching staff. The success and sporting development of our players prove that we are right.

Would you like to arrange a trial training session? Then register yourself or your child by clicking the link below. It’s simple and easy. We will get in touch with the responsible trainer and get back to you as soon as possible. For beginners: if no equipment is avaible such as football shoes and protectors, we recommend sneakers and sporty clothing at least.

Go to the register form

Шановні друзі з України,

ми дуже шкодуємо про поточну ситуацію у вашій рідній країні та про страждання, які відбуваються з вашим народом. Ми хотіли б зробити невеликий внесок, щоб ви трохи відволіклись, запропонувавши вам і вашим дітям грати у футбол у нашому клубі. Навчання безкоштовне і є страхове покриття – навіть без членства.

Не соромтеся звертатися до нас.


Sports gear

Each player should have the following materials at their disposal and have them with them for every training / game:

  • Football shoes (we recommend shoes with multi-studs, TF/Turf), only put on shortly before training
  • Football socks
  • shin guards
  • short and long sportswear (e.g. tracksuit)
  • light rain / all-weather jacket
  • Sports bag or backpack
  • enough to drink (no sweet drinks)
  • in autumn / winter: thermal pants and tops. Attention: These should be green to match the VfR jersey sets
  • in autumn / winter: fleece hat and gloves
  • it is advisable to label all materials with names

All these items and more are available at Sporthaas and our VfR team shop. Sportswear and other items with the VfR logo are available at discounted prices. The official jersey sets (jersey, shorts and socks) for games are handed out by the respective coach.

To the VfR teamshop

How to join the club – after the trial sessions

If everything went well, all you have to do is fill out the VfR membership application form and the HFV form and submit both to us (management, trainer or VfR post office box). If this is your first registration at a football club, you must also enclose a copy of the birth certificate and a simple medical certificate (usually free of charge at doctors). Please find the documents on the page linked below under the headline „Neuanmeldung“.

If a membership in another football club already exists or the player was registered somewhere else shortly before, we only need the VfR membership application form and the HFV form (tick change of club). Please note that a game suspension can be expected when switching to another club (exception: changeover period in June). Important, the de-registration at the previous club should be done in writing with a registered letter (Einschreiben Eigenhändig) and the return receipt should be given to the VfR in order to speed up the registration process. Please find the documents on the page linked below under the headline „Vereinswechsel“.


  • Children under 18: 10,- € per month
  • Adults: 12,- € per month
  • One-time fee: 10,- €

Documents for first Players Pass registration

Additionally for players who do not have German citizenship and are 10 – 18 years old:

  • Copy of passport or an identity document or residence permit
  • Proof of residence in Germany (confirmation from the registration authority, e.g. from the citizens‘ office)

Please don’t hestitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Your team of the VfR


Register for a trial session without obligations

Please note that we are currently receiving a lot of inquiries and some teams are already full. Therefore, we may not be able to offer a trial session for every player. We ask for your understanding.

VfR Wiesbaden 1926 e.V.

Steinberger Str. 16
65187 Wiesbaden

Adult members

Lienhard Schreiber

Children / juveniles

Peter Kaun